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A Magical Scavenger Hunt Nature Walk

The other day, we had an adventure. It started when the temperature was unseasonably warm, and I was watching my two kids (six and three) play in the back yard. They were having a great time, but I knew that it would probably deteriorate soon, so I came up with a plan for our own little scavenger hunt nature walk.

I was so excited to put this together for them that I may have let it slip. Kai had been on one before, but not little Sylvie, so he was the most eager for me to create our nature scavenger hunt pdf and get back outside. But I have to admit, I was a teensy bit worried we wouldn’t be able to find everything on our lists. Would they be crushed if they couldn’t find something??

mom and son on nature hunt scavenger walk

Create Your Scavenger Hunt Nature Walk

I threw this printable together while Sylvie napped, making page one a bit easier for our three-year-old, and the second page just a tad more challenging for our almost-first-grader.

What You’ll Need for Your Outdoor Nature Scavenger Hunt

Turns out things are never as simple as printing the PDF and running out the door. Here are some basics and extras you might want to consider for your nature walk.

  • the printed nature scavenger hunt list (get yours below!)
  • washable markers for each child
  • sunscreen on those sweet faces
  • bug repellent (I like these natural bracelets)
  • long pants, not shorts, for walks in the rugged outdoors
  • other stuff: water bottles, a picnic blanket, binoculars…the sky is the limit!

I recommend markers because they’re easier to write with when your child may not have a hard surface handy. And washable is just a must for me!

Also, if you’re going off-path at all, your kids should be wearing pants, not shorts, skirts, or the like. Pants protect your kids against rashes, scratches, bug bites, stings, and sunburn too.

nature walk scavenger hunt

The Story of Our Magical Scavenger Hunt Nature Walk

We took a trip on what my kids lovingly refer to as the “Cub-Adet,” a little utility vehicle that my dad has on the farm, to the timber. We LOVE the timber! In our case, this is private land with a small creek, paths for four-wheeling or just walking, an airsofting course, and a little camping site setup. Plus, it’s where my parents keep honeybees.

We jetted off to the timber with our scavenger hunt papers and markers, and arrived ready to explore!

I helped Sylvie go through her list and remember what to look for, while Kai was more independent. When one of them was having a hard time finding something, they’d ask the other two to help and we’d look together.

Both were absolutely overjoyed every time they were able to check something off.

Before we had finished our trip, Kai asked me if we could do this every day. He said it was cool and fun, and the perfect day for it. #heshouldbegettingpaid

A Bit of Magic

About 3/4 of the way through our trek, we all saw something that I wouldn’t have dared put on the list. We saw two deer, a male and female, just a few yards away from us! It was the closest I’d ever seen adult deer. We must have woken them up because we had been in that spot for a minute before they leaped up and bounded off in the other direction.

Both kids got a good look!

Only one thing remained on the list by the time we were ready to head home: the elusive butterfly. I knew it might be tricky, so we decided to keep looking at home.

Wouldn’t ya know, on our drive out of the timber, a butterfly “POOFED UP!” and flew in a little dance right in front of us. This is Sylvie’s favorite part of the story.

You’ll make your own memories too, hopefully ones that are so good you’ll forget to take some pictures like I did.

Download the Nature Walk Scavenger Hunt PDF

Here you go! Page one is a bit simpler, and page two is just a tad more challenging. Just click on the download button, print, and use!

[ddownload id=”8187″]

A Few Tips for After Your Hunt

When we were done, there were a few things we just had to do. I bet you will, too.

  • Grab some popsicles or cool treats!
  • Talk about your adventure and ask the kids lots of questions about what they found.
  • Check for any sunburns and apply (refrigerated) aloe gel.
  • Check for ticks at bath time. We have this tick remover on hand but haven’t needed it yet.
  • Gather around and look at any pictures you took.

I hope you love going on your own scavenger hunt nature walk. Enjoy making memories, working together, and exploring God’s creation!

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  1. This is absolutely adorable and one idea I will be using with my new in home daycare! My toddlers will love it! They love the outdoors! Thanks so much for this and the free printable!!

  2. Kingdom Bloggers

    Oh this looks like so much fun! I loved doing scavenger hunts with my kids when they were little. So many things in nature to use and it gets them out of the house!

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